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Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger is an American investor, businessman, former real estate attorney, architectural designer, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate run by Warren Buffett. Munger and Buffett have worked together as partners for over 40 years.
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Einstein: His Life and UniverseGet this book on Amazon

Einstein: His Life and Universe

Walter Isaacson

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Charlie Munger recommended 'Einstein: His Life and Universe' at the 2007 Wesco Annual Meeting.

This book was on Sam Altman's bookshelf.

One of the books Mark Zuckerberg added to his Facebook page.

Hard DriveGet this book on Amazon

Hard Drive

James Wallace

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Judgment in Managerial Decision MakingGet this book on Amazon

Judgment in Managerial Decision Making

Max Bazerman

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Models of My LifeGet this book on Amazon

Models of My Life

Herbert Simon

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A Matter of DegreesGet this book on Amazon

A Matter of Degrees

Gino Segre

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Andrew CarnegieGet this book on Amazon

Andrew Carnegie

David Nasaw

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How The Scots Invented The Modern WorldGet this book on Amazon

How The Scots Invented The Modern World

Arthur Herman

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The Third ChimpanzeeGet this book on Amazon

The Third Chimpanzee

Jared Diamond

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FiascoGet this book on Amazon


Frank Partnoy

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Three Scientists and Their GodsGet this book on Amazon

Three Scientists and Their Gods

Robert Wright

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A Universe From NothingGet this book on Amazon

A Universe From Nothing

Lawrence Krauss

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The Blind WatchmakerGet this book on Amazon

The Blind Watchmaker

Richard Dawkins

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Charlie Munger: "A marvelous book"

No Two AlikeGet this book on Amazon

No Two Alike

Judith Harris

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Master Of The GameGet this book on Amazon

Master Of The Game

Connie Bruck

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The Language InstinctGet this book on Amazon

The Language Instinct

Steven Pinker

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Darwin's Blind SpotGet this book on Amazon

Darwin's Blind Spot

Frank Ryan

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Fortune's FormulaGet this book on Amazon

Fortune's Formula

William Poundstone

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Distant ForceGet this book on Amazon

Distant Force

George Roberts

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Barbarians At The GateGet this book on Amazon

Barbarians At The Gate

Bryan Burrough

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Getting It DoneGet this book on Amazon

Getting It Done

Roger Fisher

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The Martians of ScienceGet this book on Amazon

The Martians of Science

Istvan Hargittai

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In The PlexGet this book on Amazon

In The Plex

Steven Levy

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Conspiracy of FoolsGet this book on Amazon

Conspiracy of Fools

Kurt Eichenwald

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Poor Charlie's AlmanackGet this book on Amazon

Poor Charlie's Almanack

Charlie Munger

From 1733 to 1758, Ben Franklin dispensed useful and timeless advice through Poor Richard's Almanack. Among the virtues extolled were thrift, duty, hard work, and simplicity. Subsequently, two centuries went by during which Ben's thoughts on these subjects were regarded as the last word. Then Charlie Munger stepped forth.

For the first time ever, the wit and wisdom of Charlie Munger is available in a single volume: all his talks, lectures and public commentary. And, it has been written and compiled with both Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett's encouragement and cooperation. So pull up your favorite reading chair and enjoy the unique humor, wit and insight that Charlie Munger brings to the world of business, investing and life itself.

Charles Helman Lea once said, "It will generally be admitted that the true test of all books is the influence they have upon the lives and conduct of their readers." We hope this book passes that test, exerting a lasting influence on you.

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