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Tobi Lutke

CEO of Shopify

Tobi Lutke is a Canadian billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of Shopify. In 2004, Tobi built an online snowboard store called Snowdevil with co-founders Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake.

After discovering the pains of building an e-commerce checkout feature, Snowdevil rebranded and became Shopify in 2006. Instead of selling snowboards online, Shopify's single focus became helping all businesses sell online.

Since 2006, Tobi has grown the small Ottawa-based e-commerce startup into Canada's largest company. Below is a list of the books Tobi has recommended over the years.


Neal Stephenson

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Carol Dweck

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Neal Stephenson

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Tuxedo Park

Jennet Conant

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Patrick Collison: "It's very good."

Tobi Lutke: "Really enjoyed it"


Daniel Pink

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One of Tobi Lutke's favorite books.

Losing The Signal

Jacquie McNish

Recommended By

Tobi Lutke: "Great book"

The Three Body Problem

Cixin Liu

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Naval Ravikant: "Great series."

Tobi Lutke: "Loved the series."

The Precipice

Toby Ord

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Angela Duckworth

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Thinking In Systems

Donella H. Meadows

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