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Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies

Geoffrey West

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Stewart Brand: “This spectacular book on how logarithmic scaling governs everything is packed with news—from the self-similar dynamics of cells and ecosystems to exactly why companies always die and cities don’t.

I dog-eared and marked up damn near every page.”

Marc Benioff: "Geoffrey West's Scale is filled with brilliant insights.

He illuminates the laws of nature underlying everything from tiny organisms and humans to cities and companies, and provides a quantitative framework for decoding the deep complexity of our interconnected world.

If you want to know why companies fail, how cities persist and what is needed to sustain our civilization in this era of rapid innovation, read this amazing book.”

Bill Miller: “If there were a Nobel Prize for transdisciplinary science Geoffrey West would have won it for the work covered in Scale.

This is a book of great originality and deep importance, containing startling insights about topics as seemingly unrelated as aging and death, sleep, metabolism, cities, energy use, creativity, corporations, and even the sustainability of our existence.

If you are curious about how the world really works, you must read this book.”

Nassim Taleb: “Each human should learn to read and write, to count, and for those who know how to count, scalability.

Scaling is the most important yet most hidden and rarely discussed attribute—without understanding it one cannot possibly understand the world.

This book will expand your thinking from three dimensions to four. Get two copies, just in case you lose one.”

Vinod Khosla: "The physics behind biology, cities, economics and companies.

Do they grow, scale and die by the same math equations? New insights that are enlightening and delightful."

Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos

M. Mitchell Waldrop

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The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

Timothy Gowers

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Gödel, Escher, Bach

Douglas R. Hofstadter

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Infinite Powers

Steven Strogatz

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The Man Who Solved The Market

Gregory Zuckerman

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One of Andrew Wilkinson's favorite books he read in 2020.

Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics

Knut Svanholm

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Our Mathematical Universe

Max Tegmark

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One of Mark Cuban's Summer 2018 Books to Read.

Fermat's Enigma

Simon Singh

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One of three books Chamath Palihapitiya tells new graduates to read.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King

Michael Craig

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One of three books Chamath Palihapitiya tells new graduates to read.

Bringing Down The House

Ben Mezrich

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One of the books Howard Marks has on his bookshelf.

The Compleat Strategyst

J. D. Williams

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One of Naval Ravikant's recommended Game Theory books.


Behzad Mohit

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No Bullshit Guide to Math and Physics

Ivan Savov

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Math, Better Explained

Kalid Azad

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Calculus Made Easy

Silvanus P. Thompson

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Naval Ravikant: "I love that book"


Burkard Polster

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A Cultural History of Physics

Károly Simonyi

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Hold 'em Poker

David Sklansky

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The Principia

Isaac Newton

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Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure

Cédric Villani

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The Blank Swan: The End of Probability

Elie Ayache

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Financial Derivatives: Pricing, Applications, and Mathematics

Jamil Baz

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Statistical Models: Theory and Practice

David A. Freedman

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The Statistical Mechanics of Financial Markets

Johannes Voit

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The Mathematics of Politics

E. Arthur Robinson

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A Mathematician's Apology

G. H. Hardy

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The Man Who Knew Infinity

Robert Kanigel

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The Hot Hand

Ben Cohen

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Naked Statistics

Charles Wheelan

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One of the books Keith Rabois recommends for entrepreneurs.

The Perfect Bet

Adam Kucharski

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How To Lie With Statistics

Darrell Huff

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