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Yuval Noah Harari

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Karlie Kloss: "It’s an amazing book on the beginning of humanity. It’s scientific but also philosophical."

Joe Rogan: "Great book... Fucking fascinating... Very enlightening."

Patrick O'Shaughnessy: "This book was so entertaining and useful.

It provides a concise history of humankind and outlines why we have the psychology we do today (this part is great for thinking about investor behavior)."

Changpeng Zhao: "[This book] gives me a greater perspective about how humans emerged and why we behave the way we do."

Daniel Ek: "One of the most-talked-about books of the last couple of years, and for good reason.

Both sobering and conservatively optimistic in equal measure, it seems even more relevant for us at the moment to learn from our socio-anthropological history."

Anthony Pompliano: "One of the best books I read in 2017"

Naval Ravikant: "An orthogonal and clinical examination of the human animal, from the beginning to now.

Humans are story-telling alpha predators that killed the competition and domesticated the survivors. This is our story, and it's not all pretty."

Melinda Gates mentioned this book as one of her 11 favorite books.

Reid Hoffman: "Sapiens has had me thinking a lot about the evolution of humanity and what our future looks like."

Mark Zuckerberg: "I found the chapter on the evolution of the role of religion in human life most interesting and something I wanted to go deeper on."

Raoul Pal enjoyed reading 'Sapiens'.

One of the books Keith Rabois recommends for entrepreneurs.

Bill Gurley: "I really enjoyed [Sapiens]"

Bill Gates: "Melinda and I spent weeks talking about this history of the human race."

Einstein: His Life and Universe

Walter Isaacson

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Charlie Munger recommended 'Einstein: His Life and Universe' at the 2007 Wesco Annual Meeting.

This book was on Sam Altman's bookshelf.

One of the books Mark Zuckerberg added to his Facebook page.

Tuxedo Park

Jennet Conant

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Patrick Collison: "It's very good."

Tobi Lutke: "Really enjoyed it"

The Evolution of Everything

Matt Ridley

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The Great Crash of 1929

John Kenneth Galbraith

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Warren Buffett: "A wonderful book.”

Raoul Pal: "It's a great book"

The Art of War in the Middle Ages

Charles Oman

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The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Jane Jacobs

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The Story of Civilization: The Age of Napoleon

Will & Ariel Durant

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Medieval Technology and Social Change

Lynn White

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Guns, Sails, and Empires

Carlo M. Cipolla

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Paul Graham: "Amazing"

Sam Altman: "It was excellent!"

Hard Landing

Thomas Petzinger

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The Dream Machine

M. Mitchell Waldrop

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Dancing In The Glory Of Monsters

Jason K. Stearns

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Out of Mao's Shadow

Philip Pan

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Democracy In America

Alexis De Tocqueville

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How The Scots Invented The Modern World

Arthur Herman

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The Blind Watchmaker

Richard Dawkins

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Charlie Munger: "A marvelous book"

Where Is My Flying Car?

J Storrs Hall

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The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson

Robert Caro

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House of Morgan

Ron Chernow

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Max Levchin: "Recommended!"

Midnight In Chernobyl

Adam Higginbotham

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Casey Neistat: "It was fantastic"

Twelve Against The Gods

William Bolitho

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John Drury Clark

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One of Elon Musk's favorite books about space.

Between The World And Me

Ta-Nehisi Coates

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American Nations

Colin Woodard

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How The West Grew Rich

Nathan Rosenberg

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America's War for the Greater Middle East

Andrew Bacevich

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The Science of Liberty

Timothy Ferris

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Modern Times

Paul Johnson

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The Upright Thinkers

Leonard Mlodinow

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Heaven on Earth

Joshua Muravchik

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