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Paul Graham is an English-born American computer scientist, essayist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author. He is best known for his work on the programming language Lisp, his former startup Viaweb, cofounding the influential startup accelerator and seed capital firm Y Combinator, his blog, and Hacker News.
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceGet this book on Amazon

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig

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The Art of War in the Middle AgesGet this book on Amazon

The Art of War in the Middle Ages

Charles Oman

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The Moon Is A Harsh MistressGet this book on Amazon

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

Robert Heinlein

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Hard DriveGet this book on Amazon

Hard Drive

James Wallace

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Medieval Technology and Social ChangeGet this book on Amazon

Medieval Technology and Social Change

Lynn White

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My Family and Other AnimalsGet this book on Amazon

My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell

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Guns, Sails, and EmpiresGet this book on Amazon

Guns, Sails, and Empires

Carlo M. Cipolla

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Paul Graham: "Amazing"

Sam Altman: "It was excellent!"

The HobbitGet this book on Amazon

The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien

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A Sense of Where You AreGet this book on Amazon

A Sense of Where You Are

John McPhee

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A Mathematician's ApologyGet this book on Amazon

A Mathematician's Apology

G. H. Hardy

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A History of RomeGet this book on Amazon

A History of Rome

Moses Hadas

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

On BullshitGet this book on Amazon

On Bullshit

Harry G. Frankfurt

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CivilisationGet this book on Amazon


Kenneth Clark

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

The World We Have LostGet this book on Amazon

The World We Have Lost

Peter Laslett

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

Fall of ConstantinopleGet this book on Amazon

Fall of Constantinople

Steven Runciman

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

The Lives of the ArtistsGet this book on Amazon

The Lives of the Artists

Giorgio Vasari

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

The Extension of ManGet this book on Amazon

The Extension of Man

J.D. Bernal

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

A Story Lately ToldGet this book on Amazon

A Story Lately Told

Anjelica Huston

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The German Generals TalkGet this book on Amazon

The German Generals Talk

Basil H. Liddell Hart

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Clocks and CultureGet this book on Amazon

Clocks and Culture

Carlo M. Cipolla

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History of the WorldGet this book on Amazon

History of the World

J.M. Roberts

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An Autobiography of Anthony TrollopeGet this book on Amazon

An Autobiography of Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope

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KellyGet this book on Amazon


Clarence L. Johnson

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Mohammed and CharlemagneGet this book on Amazon

Mohammed and Charlemagne

Henri Pirenne

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One of Paul Graham's answers to 'What should I read to learn more about history?'

Richard Feynman: A Life In ScienceGet this book on Amazon

Richard Feynman: A Life In Science

John Gribbin

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Paul Graham: "Excellent biography"

The Man Who Knew InfinityGet this book on Amazon

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Robert Kanigel

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The Battle of AlcazarGet this book on Amazon

The Battle of Alcazar

E.W. Bovill

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Paul Graham: "Excellent"

Dog ManGet this book on Amazon

Dog Man

Dav Pilkey

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Hackers and PaintersGet this book on Amazon

Hackers and Painters

Paul Graham

We are living in the computer age, in a world increasingly designed and engineered by computer programmers and software designers, by people who call themselves hackers. Who are these people, what motivates them, and why should you care?

Consider these facts: Everything around us is turning into computers. Your typewriter is gone, replaced by a computer. Your phone has turned into a computer. So has your camera. Soon your TV will. Your car was not only designed on computers, but has more processing power in it than a room-sized mainframe did in 1970. Letters, encyclopedias, newspapers, and even your local store are being replaced by the Internet.

Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, by Paul Graham, explains this world and the motivations of the people who occupy it. In clear, thoughtful prose that draws on illuminating historical examples, Graham takes readers on an unflinching exploration into what he calls "an intellectual Wild West."

The ideas discussed in this book will have a powerful and lasting impact on how we think, how we work, how we develop technology, and how we live. Topics include the importance of beauty in software design, how to make wealth, heresy and free speech, the programming language renaissance, the open-source movement, digital design, internet startups, and more.

ANSI Common LispGet this book on Amazon

ANSI Common Lisp

Paul Graham

Teaching users new and more powerful ways of thinking about programs, this two-in-one text contains a tutorial—full of examples—that explains all the essential concepts of Lisp programming, plus an up-to-date summary of ANSI Common Lisp, listing every operator in the language.

Informative and fun, it gives users everything they need to start writing programs in Lisp both efficiently and effectively, and highlights such innovative Lisp features as automatic memory management, manifest typing, closures, and more.

Dividing material into two parts, the tutorial half of the book covers subject-by-subject the essential core of Common Lisp, and sums up lessons of preceding chapters in two examples of real applications: a backward-chainer, and an embedded language for object-oriented programming.

Consisting of three appendices, the summary half of the book gives source code for a selection of widely used Common Lisp operators, with definitions that offer a comprehensive explanation of the language and provide a rich source of real examples; summarizes some differences between ANSI Common Lisp and Common Lisp as it was originally defined in 1984; and contains a concise description of every function, macro, and special operator in ANSI Common Lisp. The book concludes with a section of notes containing clarifications, references, and additional code.

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