E81: Bastien Teinturier on ACINQ, Collaborating with LN Implementations, and Lightning Adoption
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Bastien Teinturier is the VP of Engineering at ACINQ, the team behind the Eclair Lightning implementation and the Phoenix mobile wallet.

We spoke about collaboration and competition between Lightning implementations, the task of building Eclair and Phoenix, as well as a discussion about Lightning business models and Lightning adoption.

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00:00 - Intro

02:28 - Bastien Teinturier Intro

08:47 - Communication Between Bitcoin & Lightning Developers

12:29 - Why Has Lightning Payment Reliability Improved?

16:30 - Communication Between Lightning Implementations

27:48 - Why ACINQ Built Phoenix Wallet

33:38 - Upcoming Phoenix Wallet Features

43:25 - Lightning Features on ACINQ’s Roadmap

51:31 - Why ACINQ Chose VC Funding

1:07:02 - The Lightning Round

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