E79: Julian Fahrer on Building Apollo, The Price of Information, and the Lightning Network
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Julian Fahrer is the co-founder and CEO of Apollo, a platform for discovering and writing reviews of your favorite products, where quality reviews are rewarded with Bitcoin.

In our conversation we grappled with the ideas that information should be free but time should not, we explored the issues with review platforms today, and we talked about how Lightning Network payments can help Apollo generate higher quality reviews.

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00:00 - Intro

02:18 - Julian Fahrer Intro

08:26 - Should Information Be Free?

17:45 - Why Apollo Chose To Build a Reviews Platform

23:20 - Apollo’s Vision

31:12 - The Importance of Negative Feedback Loops

36:14 - What’s Wrong with Review Platforms Today?

41:05 - How Monetary Incentives Affect Reviews

48:50 - The Challenge of Getting a Product to Critical Mass

54:59 - Apollo’s Impact on Advertising

1:05:27 - The Lightning Round

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