E68: Lyle Pratt on Building Vida, Communicating on Lightning, and Helping Anyone Earn For Their Time
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Lyle Pratt is the founder and CEO of Vida, a platform for letting anyone monetize their time with paid messages, calls, and livestreams.

In our discussion, Lyle explained how Vida works, the role Lightning payments might play across social media, his experience building on Lightning to date, and how Vida could help more people earn more Bitcoin.

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00:00 - Intro

02:06 - Lyle Pratt Intro

05:37 - Vida’s Vision

12:27 - Why is Money the Right Tool to Reduce Spam?

18:08 - Will Advertisers Target Vida Users?

22:53 - Emerging Vida Use Cases

32:25 - Payment Splits and Referral Systems

41:59 - Vida Adoption To Date

43:46 - Lyle’s Experience Building on Lightning

57:47 - Creators Earning on Vida

1:02:20 - How Will Vida Capture Value?

1:16:47 - The Lightning Round

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