E65: Fiatjaf on LNURL, Nostr, LNTXBot, Pancho, P2P Apps, Value 4 Value, and More
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Fiatjaf is a pseudonymous programmer who has worked on a handful of really impactful projects in and adjacent to the Lightning Network ecosystem.

In our discussion, we discussed the work Fiatjaf has done on LNURL, LNTXBot, Nostr, and Pancho, as well as the P2P internet movement and the concept of Value 4 Value.

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00:00 - Intro

02:15 - Fiatjaf Intro

03:46 - Why Fiatjaf Began Working on Lightning

08:18 - LNTXBot Adoption

11:10 - What Are Hosted Channels?

21:00 - Are Lightning Nodes “Money Transmitters”?

23:40 - What is LNURL?

33:22 - What Happens After BOLT12?

38:05 - The State of Lightning Development

42:37 - Lightning Adoption & Earning Bitcoin

44:42 - What is Nostr?

54:57 - P2P Communication vs. Nostr

1:00:25 - Value 4 Value

1:11:10 - The Lightning Round

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