E6: The Lightning Network's Next Big Use Case
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In November, I wrote an article about why I think podcasting will be the next big use case for the Lightning Network, and this is the audio version for those who prefer listening to podcasts over reading long articles.

In the time since I wrote the article, over 500 podcasters have enabled Lightning tips on their shows, bringing the total number of lightning podcasters to just under 3,400 today.

Anecdotally, I can also say that there are a number of really cool developments in the Lightning podcasting space that will help grow the number of podcasters and listeners on Lightning, and I am just as optimistic about Lightning podcasting as I was when I originally wrote the article.

For anyone who has just discovered Lightning podcasting and isn’t sure exactly why it’s important - give this episode a listen and as always I’ll be answering your questions in the Lightning Round at the end of the show.

To ask a question, just download Fountain from the App Store, load your wallet with a few sats, and send a boost.

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