E55: Udi Wertheimer on Bitcoin, The Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and More
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Udi Wertheimer is a developer by trade, and one of the most thought-provoking and controversial figures on Bitcoin Twitter. We’ve had a few back-and-forths on Lightning adoption on Twitter, so I wanted to do a full episode.

In our talk, Udi explained his views on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, the value of stablecoins, as well as the Metaverse, Web3, Web5, and tribalism in crypto.

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00:00 - Intro

03:15 - Udi Wertheimer Intro

08:58 - How Udi’s Views on Decentralization Have Evolved

12:30 - The State of Bitcoin Development

32:32 - Scaling Bitcoin on the Lightning Network

55:59 - Taro & The Role of Stablecoins

1:12:33 - Lightning Wallet Usage

1:19:16 - The Lightning Round

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