E52: Jared Nusinoff on Building Mash and Helping Creators Earn More on the Lightning Network
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Jared Nusinoff is the founder and CEO of Mash, a Lightning powered platform helping anyone on the internet earn more for the content they create.

In our conversation, Jared explained how Mash works, how independent creators can benefit from Mash in the same way independent retailers benefit from Shopify or Etsy, and the ways the internet will change when native payments are ubiquitous.

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00:00 - Intro

02:27 - Jared Nusinoff Intro

05:47 - How Does Mash Work?

07:00 - Why Is the Lightning Network Essential for Mash?

22:20 - Mash Enables Creators Like Shopify Enables Merchants

28:24 - Mash’s Total Addressable Market

37:50 - Pay As You Enjoy & Value 4 Value

42:06 - How Much Can Creators Earn on Mash?

54:51 - Web3, Web5, and the Future of the Internet

59:46 - The Lightning Round

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