E51: Roy Sheinfeld on Building Breez, Streaming Sats, & LN Adoption
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Roy Sheinfeld is the co-founder and CEO of Breez, a self-custodial platform for streaming sats to podcasters, accepting payments as a merchant, and sending Bitcoin all on the Lightning Network.

In our conversation, Roy shared insight into Breez adoption and the types of users on the app, and we explored the business of supplying liquidity on the Lightning Network.

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00:00 - Intro

02:39 - Roy Sheinfeld Intro

11:20 - Streaming Sats on the Lightning Network

16:31 - Why Podcasts Adopted Lightning Before the Music Industry

25:26 - Breez’s Point of Sale System

31:48 - The Future of Payment Types on Lightning

39:06 - Breez’s Roadmap

52:16 - Lightning on the Internet vs. a Lightning Internet

57:59 - Breez’s Liquidity Service Provider Business

1:05:29 - The Lightning Round

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