E46: Rene Pickhardt on Multi-Part Payments, Zero Base Fee, and Lightning Network Limitations
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Rene Pickhardt is an independent researcher working on improving payments on the Lightning Network.

In our talk, Rene explained his experience doing independent Bitcoin research, how multi-part payments and zero base fees can improve Lightning payments, and some of the limitations of the Lightning Network today.

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00:00 - Intro

02:21 - Rene Pickhardt Intro

10:40 - Rene’s Experience Writing Mastering The Lightning Network

15:41 - Rene’s Experience as an Independent Researcher

27:41 - Multi-Part Payments

47:51 - Reliability, Fees, and Latency on Lightning

54:15 - Zero Base Fees

1:09:57 - Real-World Parallels for Lightning Network Architecture

1:16:41 - Limitations of the Lightning Network

1:21:01 - The Lightning Round

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