E41: Lyn Alden on the Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and Bitcoin Adoption
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Lyn Alden is an investor and analyst who needs no introduction on this show.

In our conversation, Lyn and I discussed her interest in Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, liquidity as a network effect, the impact of stablecoins on Lightning, nation-state Bitcoin adoption, and much more.

→ Lyn Alden: https://www.lynalden.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:38 - Lyn Alden Intro

08:57 - Lightning & Bitcoin Network Effects

22:02 - Bitcoin as a Unit of Account

28:16 - Stablecoins on Lightning

38:23 - Regulatory Risks for Bitcoin & Lightning

42:36 - Interesting Use Cases for Lightning Payments

59:09 - Nation State Bitcoin Adoption

1:08:58 - The Bear Case for Bitcoin and Lightning

1:22:30 - The Lightning Round

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