E38: John Cantrell on Building Sensei, Lightning Node Implementations, and Emerging Lightning Use Cases
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John Cantrell is the pseudonymous creator of Sensei, a lightning node implementation focused on making Bitcoin accessible to the entire world.

In our conversation, we discussed exactly what Sensei is, Sensei’s relationship to Spiral’s BDK and LDK, the broader Lightning implementation landscape, and emerging payments use cases that could be built on Lightning.

→ Sensei: https://l2.technology/sensei

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00:00 - Intro

01:07 - John Cantrell Intro

06:35 - Non-Payment Use Cases on Lightning

16:52 - What Is Sensei?

33:06 - Business Models for Lightning Implementations

45:14 - Developers Building on LDK

57:03 - The Impact of Streaming Payments

1:05:16 - Lightning Adoption Successes & Areas for Improvement

1:15:43 - The Lightning Round

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