E36: Stelios Rammos on Building Geyser and Crowdfunding on the Lightning Network
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Stelios Rammos is the co-founder of Geyser, a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform built on the Lightning Network.

In our conversation, we discussed the pros and cons of fiat crowdfunding platforms, the ways Lightning can improve accessibility for fundraisers, as well as stablecoins, censorship resistance, and the Geyser roadmap.

→ Geyser: https://geyser.fund/

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The Lightning Round is the show segment where I answer any questions listeners send in over the Lightning Network.

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00:00 - Intro

00:58 - Stelios Rammos Intro

08:02 - The Pros & Cons of Fiat Crowdfunding Platforms

11:55 - How Lightning Could Improve Crowdfunding

14:03 - Geyser Success Stories & User Behaviour

22:37 - How Geyser Works Today

33:26 - Future Payment Methods on Lightning

44:24 - Helping More People Earn More Sats

53:05 - Stablecoins on Lightning

56:30 - Canadian Truckers & Bitcoin Fundraising

1:03:12 - Geyser’s Roadmap

1:06:57 - Equity Crowdfunding on Bitcoin

1:16:28 - The Lightning Round

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