E35: Lisa Neigut on Blockstream's Core Lightning, The Differences Between LN Implementations, and Base58
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Lisa Neigut is a Protocol Engineer on Blockstream’s Lightning team, and the co-founder of Base58, branded as the world’s best Bitcoin education company.

Lisa and I discussed her work at Blockstream, the differences between Lightning implementations, as well as centralization risks and educating Bitcoin developers at Base58.

→ Core Lightning: https://blockstream.com/lightning/

→ Base58: https://www.base58.info/

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00:00 - Intro

01:09 - Lisa Neigut Intro

10:43 - Lisa’s Work on the Lightning Team at Blockstream

14:58 - What Differentiates Various Lightning Implementations?

24:24 - Do Lightning Implementations Have Strong Network Effects?

29:38 - Corporate Incentives for Lightning Implementations

39:57 - Centralization Risks on the Lightning Network

43:43 - The Importance of Distributed LN Nodes & Personal Servers

1:03:24 - Lisa’s Vision for Base58 & Bitcoin Education

1:19:06 - The Lightning Round

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