E33: Pierre Rochard on Kraken's Lightning Integration, Other Exchanges Supporting Lightning, and Lightning Predictions
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Pierre Rochard is a Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur, and a Product Manager at Kraken, where he played a key role in launching Kraken’s Lightning Network integration.

Pierre and I discussed exactly how Kraken’s Lightning integration was launched, the trade-offs that exchanges face when considering integrating with the Lightning Network, and a wide array of Lightning Network predictions.

→ Kraken: https://www.kraken.com/

→ Kraken’s Lightning Node: https://amboss.space/node/02f1a8c87607f415c8f22c00593002775941dea48869ce23096af27b0cfdcc0b69

The Lightning Round is sponsored by Voltage, the industry standard in Lightning Network infrastructure. 

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00:00 - Intro

01:04 - Pierre Rochard Intro

13:52 - Kraken’s Lightning Network Integration

17:34 - Will Kraken Be a Catalyst for Other Exchanges to Adopt Lightning?

27:06 - Using Lightning for Exchange Operations vs. Routing Revenue

36:11 - Why Kraken Chose to Build on LND

46:10 - Exchanges Choosing To Integrate Lightning

54:07 - Lightning Network Predictions

1:17:56 - The Lightning Round

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