E28: Michael Bumann & Moritz Kaminski on Building Alby, Improving Lightning Payments, and Value 4 Value
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Michael Bumann and Moritz Kaminski are the co-founders of Alby, a Chrome extension that enables anyone to send Bitcoin over the Lightning Network directly from their browser.

Michael, Moritz, and I spoke about exactly how Alby works, the similarities and differences between Alby and Metamask, why Alby chose to build on WebLN and LNURL, as well as a wide-ranging discussion covering identity, value for value, and interesting new Lightning applications.

→ Alby: https://getalby.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:35 - Alby Intro

05:21 - Connecting the Lightning Network to the Web

09:09 - Building a Browser Extension  vs. Browser vs. Mobile App

13:08 - Disrupting Existing Business Models vs. Creating New Markets

16:40 - Similarities & Differences Between Alby and MetaMask

18:56 - Why Should People Use Alby?

26:50 - Are Lightning App Developers Using WebLN & LNURL?

30:48 - Value 4 Value

53:52 - Will Lightning Be More Impactful for Digital or Physical Goods?

56:30 - Alby's Business Model

59:56 - Will Alby Solve Identity on the Lightning Network?

1:07:00 - Interesting Lightning Applications

1:11:50 - The Lightning Round

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