E27: Ken Kruger on Building Moon & Enabling Anyone To Spend Bitcoin Anywhere
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Ken Kruger is the CEO and Founder of Moon, a company making it easy for anyone to spend their Bitcoin anywhere online.

Ken and I spoke about exactly how Moon enables this functionality, Moon’s partnership with VISA, the challenge for traditional payment platforms to innovate on Lightning, as well as a wide-ranging discussion covering privacy, censorship, and emerging Lightning applications.

→ Moon: https://paywithmoon.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:20 - Ken Kruger Intro

05:51 - How Does Moon Work?

09:00 - Visa’s Expansion Into Crypto Wallets

14:53 - The Impact of Low Transaction Fees oh Lightning

19:40 - Demand for Stablecoins

22:18 - Commerce Activity on Moon

26:52 - Making Private Payments on Moon

30:56 - Why Are People Concerned About Privacy and Censorship Now?

33:17 - Politics in Business

41:14 - Moon’s Product Roadmap

45:38 - Lightning Adoption on Moon

48:13 - Why Moon Users Are Choosing Lightning

57:40 - Will Lightning Payments Change Commerce Volume?

59:05 - Interesting Lightning Applications

01:12:21 - The Lightning Round

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