E26: Justin Rezvani on Building Zion, Social Media on Lightning, Value 4 Value, and Lightning Adoption
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Justin Rezvani is the CEO of Zion, a Bitcoin company re-imagining social media on the Lightning Network.

Justin and I spoke about how Zion differs from traditional social media apps, the importance of peer-to-peer communication and value transfer, how Value 4 Value changes people’s behavior, and Zion’s business model and adoption metrics to date.

→ Zion: https://www.getzion.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:29 - Justin Rezvani Intro

07:07 - Zion’s Social Media Vision

15:54 - Transitioning Users From Web 2 to Zion

19:04 - Zion’s Social Media Focus

24:41 - Supporting Creators With Sats

33:13 - Paid vs. Free Social Media

40:24 - Convincing Users To Pay For Zion

43:02 - Does Zion Rank Content?

48:25 - How Will Zion Build A Sustainable Business?

52:00 - Getting New Users On Lightning & Zion

54:40 - Educating People About Bitcoin

56:35 - Lightning Network Statistics

01:00:53 - Lightning Network Predictions

01:03:14 - Interesting Lightning Applications

01:05:12 - The Lightning Round

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