E25: Oleg Mikhalsky on Fulgur Ventures, Investing in Lightning Companies, and Lightning Adoption
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Oleg Mikhalsky is a Partner at Fulgur Ventures, a VC firm focused on investing in Bitcoin and Lightning Network companies.

Oleg and I spoke about why Fulgur is so excited about the Lightning Network, new business models enabled by Lightning, attracting founders to build on Lightning, valuations in the Lightning startup ecosystem, and the different types of adoption the Lightning Network is seeing today.

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00:00 - Intro 

01:43 - Oleg Mikhalsky Intro 

05:59 - Lightning Network Progress Since 2018 

09:27 - Is Lightning Adoption Tied To Bitcoin’s Price?

12:25 - Why Invest in Lightning Companies? 

17:17 - The Importance Of Value-Add Investors

22:16 - The Lightning Network’s Impact on Existing and New Markets

28:13 - Missing Components of the Lightning Ecosystem

32:08 - How Will the Metaverse Evolve? 

36:26 - Proven Business Models in Lightning

43:13 - Are Lightning Companies Appropriately Valued?

49:51 - Are There Enough Founders Building on Lightning?

54:28 - Convincing Founders To Build on Lightning

58:23 - Where Does Lightning Adoption Come From?

01:05:03 - El Salvador’s Approach To Bitcoin

01:09:50 - Lightning Network Predictions

01:17:28 - The Lightning Round

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