E24: Chris Stewart on Suredbits, Oracles, DLCs, and Building Financial Markets on Bitcoin
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Chris Stewart is the founder of Suredbits, a company focused on building financial applications and markets directly on the Bitcoin protocol.

Chris and I spoke about Bitcoin’s smart contract limitations today, the ways in which DLCs could enable new applications for Bitcoin, how DLCs, CFDs, and Oracles work, and the future applications of Bitcoin smart contracts that Chris is excited about.

→ Suredbits: https://suredbits.com/

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00:00 - Intro

02:15 - Chris Stewart Intro

06:30 - Smart Contract Development on Bitcoin

12:45 - How To Create Censorship Resistant Markets on Bitcoin

14:56 - What Are Oracles?

23:27 - Financial & Reputation Incentives for Oracles

32:30 - What Are DLCs?

41:01 - Use Cases For DLCs

45:57 - Sports Betting & Bitcoin

49:14 - What are Schnorr Signatures?

53:57 - The Importance of Backwards Compatibility on Bitcoin

55:27 - Future Use Cases For Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

1:01:21 - Contracts For Difference

01:07:04 - Contract-Based Stablecoins and Hedging Bitcoin’s Volatility

01:16:33 - Interesting Bitcoin Innovations

01:21:12 - The Lightning Round

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