E23: Adam Curry on Podcasting 2.0, Value 4 Value, The Fall of Legacy Institutions, and the Lightning Network
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Adam Curry is one of the pioneers of podcasting, and is playing an integral role in advancing the Podcasting 2.0 movement, and the Value 4 Value business model.

Adam and I spoke about his background in broadcasting, the ways in which the podcast industry has evolved, his work on the Podcast Index, the value of earning and engaging directly with your audience, and the new features being built into modern podcasting apps today.

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00:00 - Intro

02:29 - Adam Curry Intro

08:06 - Adam's Transition from Broadcasting to Podcasting

14:07 - Podcasting vs. Radio

27:59 - Applying Value 4 Value To Other Industries

31:35 - Audience vs. Advertiser Funding

33:20 - Why Is Now The Right Time for Podcasting 2.0?

47:02 - Apple and Spotify's Influence on Podcasting

58:53 - The Fall of Legacy Institutions

01:04:40 - Adam’s Introduction to Bitcoin

01:10:10 - The Excitement of Receiving Sats

01:18:35 - What is Holding Back Podcasting 2.0 Adoption?

01:22:09 - How New Podcast 2.0 Features Get Adopted

01:31:34 - How Other Industries Become Self-Sovereign

01:37:37 - Has Bitcoin Hit Escape Velocity?

01:39:54 - Stablecoins on The Lightning Network

01:44:03 - Interesting Lightning Applications

01:53:35 - The Lightning Round

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