E15: Danny Scott and Zakk on CoinCorner, Lightning Merchants, and CoinCorner's New Lightning Card
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Danny Scott is the CEO of CoinCorner, and Zakk is their Technical Lead working on Lightning.  

Danny, Zakk, and I spoke about how CoinCorner merchants are using Lightning today, CoinCorner's new Lightning card, as well as the various Lightning payment standards and UX challenges that still need to be solved.  

→ CoinCorner: https://www.coincorner.com/

The Lightning Round is sponsored by Voltage, where you can ask me or my future guests questions over the Lightning Network.  

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 00:00 - Intro

02:02 - Danny and Zakk Intro

04:53 - Supporting Bitcoin over Altcoins

10:20 - Why CoinCorner Integrated The Lightning Network

13:54 - Merchants on the Lightning Network  

16:49 - Pitching Lightning to New Merchants  

23:41 - Are Merchants or Customers More Excited About Lightning?

28:46 - How Large is the Lightning Network?  

31:46 - How CoinCorner Can Improve Their Lightning Integrations

38:48 - CoinCorner’s Lightning Card

44:24 - LNURL, BOLT 12, and the Future of Lightning Payments

53:57 - Automatic Swaps Between Lightning and Bitcoin

59:38 - Stablecoins on Lightning

01:03:39 - Why Should Businesses Adopt Lightning?  

01:10:30 - What Danny and Zakk are Most Excited About on the Lightning Network

01:17:25 - The Lightning Round

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